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Premier Destination Management Company setting the gold standard for bespoke luxury journeys.

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About us

The Epitome of Luxury Travel in Croatia

Established in 2001, Elite Travel stands as the pinnacle of luxury travel in Croatia and its neighboring regions. As a premier Destination Management Company (DMC), we offer Elite Travel Premium, setting the gold standard for bespoke luxury journeys.

Our dedicated MICE team ensures unforgettable gatherings for our esteemed clientele. Upholding sustainability and safety, we proudly hold the Travelife Certificate of Excellence and Safe Travel Certificate, guaranteeing unparalleled experiences for our global travelers.


From Dubrovnik’s Splendor

Based in the breathtaking city of Dubrovnik, Elite Travel extends its expertise across Croatia. With expert teams in Split, Zagreb, and Opatija, we provide unparalleled access to the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures, meticulously tailored to your desires.


Immerse in Authentic Croatia

Awaken to the gentle rhythm of the Adriatic Sea from your luxurious seafront suite in Dubrovnik, where your bespoke itinerary promises a day of discovery. Traverse the historic cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik’s old town, indulge in private wine tastings amid rolling vineyards, and explore the unique island life on Korčula. Whether embracing the vibrant energy of Dalmatia or the historic charm of continental Croatia, our local specialists craft unforgettable experiences tailored to your desires.


A Voyage of Discovery

Elite Travel Premium redefines travel as a transformative journey. Enjoy yacht excursions along Croatia’s pristine coastlines, culinary odysseys that showcase the region’s finest flavors, and immersive experiences that tantalize the senses. Traverse sun-kissed vineyards, embark on thrilling truffle hunts, or connect with local artisans in untouched villages, gaining insight into centuries-old traditions.

Discover the hidden gems of Croatia with exclusive access to private tours, bespoke adventures, and personalized itineraries. Every moment is crafted to provide an extraordinary blend of luxury, culture, and adventure. Contact us to begin your extraordinary Croatian adventure.

Unmatched Luxury and Personalized Experiences

Elite Travel epitomizes luxury travel in Croatia and beyond. From our base in Dubrovnik, our expert teams in Split, Zagreb, and Opatija ensure access to Croatia’s most enchanting locales. With bespoke itineraries, luxurious accommodations, and immersive experiences, we create unforgettable journeys that celebrate the authentic beauty and culture of Croatia. Join us for an extraordinary adventure, where every detail is crafted to perfection.

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Elite Travel

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