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Where timeless Dalmatian flavors meet riverside dining excellence in a historic setting.

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About us

An Ode to Centuries-Old Culinary Heritage

Nestled within the medieval walls of an old salt trading post, Kaštil Slanica Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its spectacular riverfront setting and breathtaking views of the Cetina River. Opened a quarter of a century ago, the restaurant serves traditional Dalmatian cuisine and classic dishes from the Dalmatian hinterland, paired with an exceptional selection of wines made exclusively from autochthonous Dalmatian grape varieties.


Where Nature's Beauty Harmonizes with Culinary Excellence

Whether you arrive by boat or car, the stunning scenery will captivate you. At our doorstep, you’ll be greeted by ducks, grebes, and herons amidst cattail, bamboo, poplar, and plane trees, with imposing mountains rising above. Just a 5-minute drive from the town of Omiš and the Adriatic Sea, our restaurant offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of larger cities like Makarska and Split, making it a must-visit for both food enthusiasts and nature lovers.


Ancient Walls, Traditional Gastronomy

Experience the authentic flavors of traditional Dalmatian cuisine in the majestic canyon of the Cetina River, where rich natural history and unparalleled beauty converge to create a memorable dining experience. The fort, where our restaurant is located, gained prominence in the 16th century as a salt trading post between the people of Omiš and the Ottoman Turks.

Salt, a valuable commodity, was transported to Slanica by sea and river, stored, and then shipped further inland. Centuries later, our ancestor Ivan Rogošić was granted 12.2 kanapi (approximately 4.7 hectares) of land from the Venetians, including the fort. To honor our great-grandfather’s legacy, we opened the restaurant in 1998, celebrating the diversity and beauty of this region.



Journey Through Time, Delight in Flavor

Our culinary offerings celebrate authentic Dalmatian cuisine, ancient family recipes, traditional preparation methods, and fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. 

Don’t miss our homemade peka bread baked on an open fire, Swiss chard pie (soparnik) recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of Croatia with an EU geographical origin label, the traditional festive dish pašticada, the mouth-watering Dalmatian dessert rožata dating back to Venetian times, eel, and many other local specialties paired with the finest Dalmatian wines. Join us for an authentic Dalmatian culinary experience.

Savor Heritage, Embrace Serenity

Celebrating Dalmatian culinary heritage, the restaurant features traditional dishes and fine wines from local grape varieties. Located just minutes from Omiš and the Adriatic Sea, it provides a tranquil escape for gourmands and nature lovers. Steeped in history, Kaštil Slanica elegantly merges historical charm with modern sophistication.

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