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Experience a vacation where the sea meets the mountains.

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About us

An Oasis for Escaping Everyday Life

TUI Blue Makarska is a unique adults-only resort located in Igrane for all who want to relax in a dazzling, natural environment and experience luxurious moments of peace. A modern and vibrant interior complemented by a stunning exterior is just the setting you have been waiting for. 

Add a touch of exquisite cuisine, sprinkle with friendly service and our recipe for your perfect holiday is ready.


The Fusion of Sea and Mountains

The hotel is located in Igrane, Croatia, situated along the picturesque Dalmatian Coast. The hotel is designed for a relaxing getaway, offering stunning views of both the sea and nearby mountains.
Igrane is a charming village located on the Makarska Riviera in Dalmatia, Croatia, known for its picturesque blend of sea and mountain landscapes. Situated at the foot of the Biokovo Mountain and directly on the Adriatic coast, Igrane offers stunning natural beauty with its clean, pebbled beaches and lush greenery.


Tranquility and Serenity Await

As the sole hotel in the quaint village of Igrane, we provide our guests with a refined touch of luxury. Our 179 units are meticulously designed to embody the TUI Blue concept, seamlessly blending local and authentic elements with contemporary and sustainable features.


Journey into Discovery and Excitement

With its unique location, Hotel TUI Blue Makarska allows you to visit numerous historical and cultural sites and landmarks, nature parks, and national parks during your stay. If you would like to complete your stay with adventures from Dalmatia, there are various options for choosing your day trip.

For a complete experience, enjoy a unique blend of local and international cuisine, innovative sports and spa facilities, and the authentic experience of Dalmatia.

Discover Serenity in Nature's Embrace

Escape to TUI Blue Makarska, an exclusive adults-only resort in Igrane, Croatia. Experience luxury in a dazzling, natural environment with modern design, stunning views, and personalized service. Explore the fusion of sea and mountains, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and embark on unforgettable adventures in the heart of Dalmatia.

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TUI Blue Makarska hotel

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