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About us

Setting New Standards

Ventula Travel DMC is a boutique travel company renowned for its innovative itineraries with a special touch. In the face of modern travel business challenges, we respond with creativity and innovation in our travel designs, incorporating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations.


Proudly Travelife certified and adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 norm for quality control, we ensure the highest standards in all our services. Living in the heart of the Old World, we find endless inspiration and explore what continually draws people to these historic places, where human history unfolds against the backdrop of magnificent nature.


Croatia & Beyond

Croatia, though small, boasts a stunning nature, rich history and culture, making it ideal for creating premium travel experiences. From the world-renowned wines of Istria and the colorful landscapes of Lika and Gorski Kotar to the unique flavors of local cheeses and olive oils, and the ancient Roman ruins in Salona to the magnificent city of Dubrovnik – Ventula Travel covers it all. Ventula’s expertise extends beyond Croatia, with our principles staying the same even through parts of Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Each journey is 100% tailor-made, promising experiences that showcase beyond usual well-known destinations, revealing hidden gems and local traditions of these countries.


Personal & Experiential

At Ventula Travel, we meticulously curate each journey with a focus on detail, ensuring smooth itineraries through our on-the-ground presence. By prioritizing client satisfaction and sustainability, and partnering with local suppliers, we craft exclusive experiences we would personally enjoy. Our journeys feature authentic encounters with family-owned businesses, local academics, and artists, offering genuine cultural connections. We strive to make every experience meaningful and memorable, reflecting the true essence of the destinations we love.


Exclusive Adventures Beyond the Beaten Paths

For a perfect vacation, let everything into the hands of Ventula Travel DMC, where every journey takes you beyond the beaten paths, revealing hidden gems and unique experiences tucked away from the mainstream while avoiding crowds.

Ventulas’ commitment extends beyond conventional touring experiences; we actively engage with local communities, fostering meaningful connections and enriching experiences. From active tourism adventures to immersive gastronomic delights, our tours blend exploration with exclusivity, or even voluntourism, inviting travelers to paint a prettier picture on their path.

Discover the Unseen, Experience the Unforgettable

Ventula Travel DMC, based in Split, Croatia, creates innovative and sustainable travel itineraries that go beyond the ordinary. As a Travelife certified company adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we offer top-notch services with meticulous attention to detail. Our bespoke journeys explore Croatia’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and culture, and extend to Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Partnering with local suppliers and focusing on authentic encounters, we ensure each adventure is unique, meaningful, and memorable.

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Ventula Travel DMC

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