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About us

Bespoke Culinary Exploration

Taste Dalmatia, a family-owned luxury travel brand, is a specialist for tailor-made travel with a special accent on Croatia’s untapped culinary and wine heritage.

For over 20 years our mission is to take you on a journey throughout Croatian rich culture and Mediterranean heritage accompanied with finest dishes and wines that Croatia has to offer. Within that, we will make sure that every single detail is being taken care of so everything you must do is just sit back and enjoy.


Beyond Boundaries

Taste Dalmatia offers services in Croatia and beyond. With years of experience and extensive network of partnerships Taste Dalmatia can take care of all your needs in the region.


Unforgettable Experiences, Sustainable Impact.

Imagine your trip to Croatia as a delicate combination of wine and culinary experience intertwined with most breathtaking landscapes, historical and cultural sites, and hospitality. Uniqueness, Pampering, Authentic, Indulgence… These are the words that our guests often associate with traveling with us.

As Travelife partners we are making sure that we give back to community, support our local producers, help bring back life to villages long abandoned and preserve Croatian cultural, historical, and natural riches. By working with Taste Dalmatia, you can be a small part of bigger change towards sustainable tourism.


Immersive Heritage Experiences

Taste Dalmatia provides immersible, authentic, and luxurious explorations of Croatia and beyond. Unique, local, personalized, and hands-on experiences are at the core of our brand.

All our experiences are designed to provide deep insight into local heritage. From expert guides, hands on cooking classes, wine tastings with the winemakers to exploring many historical and natural sites, both well know and off the beaten path, we are here to satisfy your desire to explore the region.

Tailored Excellence

In addition to tailor-made tours for smaller groups, Taste Dalmatia has an extensive experience of providing services for corporate clients as well. Regardless of the size of the group and the scope of the request, our approach is the same – we address each client with equal attention and ensure they take away unforgettable memories from their trip.

Members of: Muse Collection, XO Private, Connection leader, UHPA

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