Katarina Line

The leading DMC in Croatia and the premier small-ship cruise company.

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About us

The Leading Croatian DMC

Founded in 1992, Katarina Line has become Croatia’s premier cruise and travel operator. Our commitment to providing exceptional experiences extends beyond our cruises, offering many special interest programs on land and sea.

We pride ourselves on being the leading DMC in Croatia, dedicated to curating unforgettable premium experiences, with a diverse fleet of 50 vessels.


Embark from Opatija, Split, or Dubrovnik

Our headquarters is located in Opatija, with branch offices strategically located in Split and Dubrovnik. These ports are also the departure points for all our cruises.


Experience True Croatia

Luxurious itineraries on both land and sea provide a unique opportunity to explore Croatia’s mesmerizing natural landscapes and charming Mediterranean towns, seamlessly island-hopping from one captivating destination to another.


Explore, Dream, Discover

Experience the ultimate in luxury with our Deluxe Cruise, featuring deluxe vessels and superior amenities. Enjoy extra services, sightseeing tours, wine tastings, and excursions, all curated for a unique Croatian sea adventure. Our Land & Cruise programs seamlessly blend Croatia’s inland beauty and coastal charm, including the popular Croatia Rhapsody land tour with visits to five UNESCO sites. Katarina Line also offers tailored group and individual travel arrangements across Croatia and nearby countries, featuring round trips, special interest programs, and more.

Stay at the newly opened Keight Hotel in Opatija, where contemporary design meets timeless elegance. Enjoy gourmet dining, relax at the wellness center, and take in stunning Adriatic views from the rooftop terrace. The Keight Hotel enhances your Croatian adventure with luxury and relaxation.

Discover True Croatia with Katarina Line

Founded in 1992, Katarina Line has become Croatia’s premier DMC and small-ship cruise company, offering luxurious itineraries on both land and sea. With headquarters in Opatija and branches in Split and Dubrovnik, our diverse fleet of 50 vessels departs from these strategic ports to provide unforgettable experiences. The newly opened Keight Hotel in Opatija complements our offerings with contemporary design and luxury amenities. Discover the true beauty of Croatia with Katarina Line.

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Katarina Line DMC

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