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This unique marina will make your Robinson-style nautical experience take on a magical dimension.

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A Bay Tailored for the Expert Seafarer

It is well known that the Kornati Archipelago is a nautical paradise, and the island of Žut, along with its namesake marina, has captivated the attention of both domestic and international sailors for many years. The marina was declared the best marina in 2019 by ratings from sailors in the Nautical Patrol of Jutarnji list, while in 2020, received a special recognition ‘My Favorite Marina’. 

ACI marina Žut, with its 120 berths, provides its users from April 1st to October 31st each year the unrepeatable chance to discover the charms of life on an uninhabited island, surrounded by pristine nature and crystal-clear waters.


A Secluded Oasis of the Most Beautiful Archipelago

ACI marina Žut is an essential port of call for those exploring the Kornati Archipelago. Located at the westernmost part of Luka Žut Bay, just outside the National Park boundaries, it offers berthing options that cater to varying wind conditions. For protection against the strong bura winds, the northern pier and buoys are recommended, while the southern end provides shelter from the jugo winds. The island of Maslinjak, positioned at the bay’s entrance, serves as a crucial navigational marker for sailors and nautical enthusiasts alike.


Peace and Tranquility Amidst the Endless Blue

ACI marina Žut stands as a sanctuary akin to a modern-day Robinson Crusoe haven, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the serene exploration of secluded coves amidst what is often heralded as Croatia’s most exquisite archipelago. It offers a captivating escape from urban clamor and tourist throngs, preserving an enchanting sense of isolation. Despite its popularity, the marina retains the allure of an uninhabited island, where one can bask undisturbed under the sun and revel in the unbroken expanse of turquoise waters.


A Blend of Activities and Relaxation in Nature

Staying at this marina allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sea, sunshine, untouched nature, and the exploration of numerous coves. The view of the distinctive olive groves, fig trees, and vineyards as far as the eye can see, but also the enjoyment of the highest quality olive oil and local products are a daily reality here. 

Considering its exceptional location in the middle of the sea, water and electricity supply are provided, but limited. The marina also offers excellent gastronomic options in its restaurant, as well as a shop, ATM, and free internet. Once you dock your boat at ACI marina Žut, you can fully devote yourself to planning your sailing route.

Your Robinson-Style Nautical Retreat

Discover tranquility in the heart of the Kornati Archipelago at ACI marina Žut. Voted best marina in 2019 and beloved as ‘My Favorite Marina’ in 2020, our 120 berths offer a serene escape from April 1st to October 31st each year. Nestled in Luka Žut Bay’s secluded westernmost corner, outside the National Park, our marina invites you to explore hidden coves and unwind amidst pristine waters and untouched landscapes. Experience the magic of solitude and the allure of the Adriatic’s turquoise sea at ACI Marina Žut.

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ACI Marina Žut

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