Hvar, Vrboska

ACI marina Vrboska

Nestled in the heart of Hvar Island, ACI Marina Vrboska has been welcoming sailors from around the world for generations.

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About us

The Sunniest Marina in Croatia

Situated between ancient pines and the stunning turquoise sea, ACI Marina Vrboska is the gateway to true hedonism on Hvar, often hailed as the crown jewel of Croatian islands. Equipped to meet the needs of modern sailors, the marina prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendly living, offering charging stations for electric vehicles

As one of the most popular marinas in this part of the Adriatic, it proudly flies the internationally recognized Blue Flag and integrates the latest digital technologies into its services, ensuring a seamless experience for all guests.


A Bay Sheltered from the Wind

The picturesque town of Vrboska and the ACI Marina are located on the northern coast of Hvar Island, at the end of a deep and narrow bay reminiscent of a fjord. Thanks to its advantageous position and the shape of the bay, ACI Marina Vrboska offers excellent protection from winds for all vessels docked in the harbor. Located in the center of Hvar Island, it provides an ideal starting position for exploring other island destinations – charming towns, villages, pristine nature, and enchanting beaches and coves.


Starting Point for Unforgettable Experiences

With its unique geographical location in the smallest town on Hvar Island, ACI Marina Vrboska offers an intimate, authentic experience of the island. Situated in a favorable bay on Croatia’s sunniest island, it offers breathtaking views of the endless sea and unforgettable sunsets, whether enjoyed from the deck of a boat or on land, in company or in a more intimate setting.


A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Vrboska’s rich fishing heritage is reflected in the excellent culinary offerings of this charming and warm little town, which ACI Marina’s many guests can enjoy. The island’s well-connected transport routes guarantee visitors an exceptional sailing experience and the chance to discover the archipelago’s natural beauty, hidden coves, and inland attractions by car or bike.

Vrboska truly offers a wealth of experiences for sailors, who can indulge in exceptional restaurants, bars, vibrant nightlife, cultural and historical heritage, and natural beauty – including crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches – once they are anchored in ACI Marina.

Timeless Elegance in a Tranquil Haven

ACI Marina Vrboska is a sanctuary for sailors on Hvar Island, blending traditional charm with modern amenities. Surrounded by ancient pines and turquoise waters, it offers unparalleled protection from winds, making it a perfect starting point for island adventures. Here, sustainability meets luxury, ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly experience amidst the serene beauty of the Adriatic.



ACI Marina Vrboska


ACI Marina Vrboska

Uncover Hvar’s Hidden Gems at ACI Marina Vrboska

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