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ACI marina Split is the winner of numerous awards and a perfect starting position for discovering the Adriatic.

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Adriatic Beauty

Nestled at the beginning of Split’s stunning lungomare, one of the Adriatic’s most picturesque promenades, ACI marina Split stands as a beacon of nautical excellence. Boasting 348 berths, with 318 in the sea and 30 on land, this marina can accommodate yachts up to 90 meters in length.

Renowned for providing a premium experience, ACI marina Split has garnered numerous accolades, including the esteemed Blue Flag and multiple “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia” awards.


The Heart of Dalmatia

ACI marina Split, alongside the harbors of two prominent sailing clubs, benefits from the robust protection of a solid rock breakwater, shielding it from southerly winds and turbulent seas. This idyllic setting affords a breathtaking view of Split, crowned by its jewel – Diocletian’s Palace. With a history spanning 1,700 years, Split is imbued with a vibrant, youthful spirit, earning its reputation as the “town of youth.” As the second-largest city in Croatia, it is frequently lauded for its rich athletic and musical heritage, making it a cultural and dynamic epicenter.


Enchanting Dalmatian Archipelago

Located in a city that arose on the ruins of Aspalathos and in close proximity to Salona, the ancient urban center, ACI marina Split is the perfect starting point for exploring the rich Adriatic archipelago, crystal-clear sea, and other natural beauties. Additionally, Split – the capital of Dalmatia, offers an incredible Mediterranean charm, grand architecture, and great options for relaxation and an active holiday.


Gastronomic Paradise

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Dalmatia, ACI marina Split is renowned for its exceptional gastronomy. Zrno Soli, the marina’s culinary jewel, has been repeatedly honored in the Michelin Guide Croatia. Celebrated for its UNESCO-protected Mediterranean cuisine, Zrno Soli enchants guests with both its exquisite dishes and the mesmerizing views of the Western Coast and the yachts gracing ACI marina. 

Just a short stroll from the marina lies another gastronomic treasure, Restaurant Adriatic, which immerses diners in the rich colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. Perched on cliffs that rise from the Adriatic Sea, this top-tier venue for “everyday food” is a mere few minutes walk from the heart of Split. Additionally, this favored marina for sailors offers essential amenities, including a grocery store and a Tesla charging station for electric vehicles.

Your Gateway to Adriatic Elegance

ACI marina Split, a multi-award-winning marina including the Blue Flag, lies at the start of Split’s stunning lungomare promenade. With 348 berths for yachts up to 90 meters, it offers spectacular views of Diocletian’s Palace and is a prime launch point for Adriatic exploration. Enjoy Michelin-recognized dining at Zrno Soli, the Mediterranean-inspired Restaurant Adriatic, and essential amenities like a grocery store and Tesla charging station, ensuring a luxurious stay.


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ACI marina split

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