ACI marina Piškera

An exceptional nautical experience in the heart of one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks.

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Extraordinary Maritime Haven

Located in the heart of Kornati National Park, ACI marina Piškera offers 118 berths equipped with electricity and water from April 1st to October 31st, attracting numerous domestic and international sailors. The marina can accommodate vessels up to 30 meters in length, allowing even the most demanding nautical enthusiasts to enjoy this landscape without interruption.

As the only gathering point in this part of the archipelago, the marina draws numerous lovers of islands and maritime expanses. If you want to witness how the Kornati are truly a work of the gods, as the legend of their creation suggests, there is no better way than to moor your vessel at ACI marina Piškera and embark on an unforgettable adventure.


A Key Point of the National Park

The island of Piškera is an integral part of Kornati National Park, and the ACI marina of the same name is located between the islands of Piškera and Panitula Vela, on the northern coast of Panitula Vela. ACI is an essential point in this part of the archipelago, as evidenced by the fact that the ACI flag flies at its most prominent point. The southern cape of Panitula Vela is the best landmark for navigation, while the marina itself provides great protection from the bura wind in this area.


Rich Tradition in Harmony with Nature

ACI marina Piškera is the only example of civilization in this pristine nature, surrounded by a mosaic of islands, reefs, and lighthouses. This magical location offers a unique experience of exploring the flora and fauna of island nature in an authentic environment while having an exceptional selection of services. Interestingly, on this uninhabited island, islanders of Sali and other nearby settlements visit by boat once a year, on the last Sunday in July, for a mass at the Church of Our Lady. After all, as the saying goes, sailing the Adriatic without seeing the Kornati is like going to Rome without seeing the Vatican.


Premium Local Gastronomy

The restaurant at ACI marina Piškera promises to evoke profound emotions with its exquisite cuisine. The chef meticulously crafts dishes that embark diners on a gastronomic journey through the Kornati archipelago, blending local ingredients with a touch of global sophistication. This culinary adventure is enhanced by the marina’s convenient amenities, including a shop, ATM, and complimentary internet access.

Additionally, the entry fee for Kornati National Park is included in the daily berth fee at ACI marina Piškera, seamlessly integrating the natural splendor with a premium nautical experience.

A Nautical Oasis in the Kornati National Park

Located in the heart of Kornati National Park, ACI marina Piškera is a premier maritime haven with 118 berths equipped with electricity and water. Accommodating vessels up to 30 meters, the marina offers excellent protection from the bura wind. As the sole gathering point in this part of the archipelago, it blends tradition with modern amenities, including a restaurant, shop, ATM, and complimentary internet access. With the National Park entry fee included in the berth fee, ACI Marina Piškera is your gateway to an unforgettable nautical adventure.

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ACI marina Piškera

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