ACI marina Jezera

A picturesque marina nestled in an idyllic island landscape .

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Hidden Beauties of the Island

ACI Marina Jezera, one of the most awarded and ecologically conscious nautical tourism ports, is open year-round. It embodies sunshine, clear seas, and beautiful beaches, making it an ideal starting point for discovering the Šibenik archipelago.

This prominent northern Dalmatian marina has twice won the “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia” award in the small marina category and holds the Green Key certification for environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. With 212 berths and an additional 40 on land, it provides a front-row seat to the various cultural and sports events during the summer months.


Ensuring Privacy, Yet Open for Exploration

On the southeastern side of the island of Murter, in the southern part of Jezera Bay, lies the ACI marina Jezera. Nestled deep within the bay of the island itself and protected from the east by a breakwater, the marina is accessible from both sides of the island of Školjić, while the best landmark for navigation is the lighthouse on the island of Maslinjak. Additionally, the marina can also be reached by road, as the island is well connected by a bridge from the town of Tisno.


An Authentic Experience of Island Life

Situated on an excellent transportation route, easily accessible from major cities such as Šibenik and Zadar, and ideal for sailing towards the Kornati, this marina is a true shelter for lovers of Dalmatia, Croatian islands, and the richly indented coastline. Given that Jezera is known as the most well-maintained place in the Republic of Croatia, it is no surprise that the marina reflects this quality. A place of fishermen and seafarers, boasting crystal-clear waters, authentic customs, tranquil stone streets, and rich history, it is a magnet for guests from all over the world.


Guaranteed Enjoyment on Both Sea and Land

The rich gastronomic offerings and excellent local specialties of the restaurant in ACI marina Jezera attract guests from all over Dalmatia. This marina is key to a pleasant stay for sailing enthusiasts, with facilities continuously meeting the needs of even the most demanding guests year after year.

In addition to being an ideal place for relaxation and leisure, and a starting point for exceptional routes throughout Dalmatia, this marina also offers a sailing school. For those without their own vessel, boat rentals are available. Additional amenities include a 10-ton capacity crane, free internet, parking for personal vehicles, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

A Picturesque Marina Nestled in an Idyllic Island Landscape

Nestled in Jezera Bay on Murter Island, ACI marina Jezera is a premier, eco-conscious nautical port open year-round. It boasts multiple awards, including the “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia” and Green Key certification. With 212 berths and 40 additional spots on land, it offers front-row access to summer events. Easily accessible by road and sea, the marina provides an authentic island experience with crystal-clear waters, rich history, and local gastronomic delights. It’s an excellent base for exploring the Šibenik archipelago, sailing the Kornati, and enjoying top-notch amenities, including a sailing school and boat rentals.

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ACI marina Jezera

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