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Where Zagreb's industrial legacy meets contemporary charm.

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About us

A Gateway to Zagreb's Past and Present

Canopy Hotel stands on the grounds of the illustrious “Union” factory, a pioneering chocolate manufacturer in this corner of Europe. Echoes of Zagreb’s industrial legacy resonate throughout Canopy, where the past seamlessly merges with the present. 

Our establishment serves as a custodian of this neighborhood’s rich history, where local and global influences converge, offering an immersive experience for guests and Zagreb residents alike.


Embrace Zagreb's Historic Heart

Nestled near the heart of Croatia’s capital, Canopy Hotel epitomizes the fusion of Zagreb’s historical essence and contemporary allure. Our strategic locale provides convenient access to the city’s iconic landmarks, while our complimentary Canopy Bikes offer an enchanting exploration of Zagreb’s charming streets. Welcoming canine companions, we extend personalized touches, including a local keepsake upon arrival and 24-hour access to our fitness center.


History Meets Modern Sophistication

Canopy Hotel seamlessly blends Zagreb’s industrial legacy with contemporary elegance. Each room is meticulously adorned, featuring traditional Croatian folk-inspired carpets and locally sourced linen napkins. From the lobby’s captivating artwork to the lively atmosphere of the Canopy Central Bar, guests are immersed in Zagreb’s vibrant culture. Every detail tells a story, offering a unique journey through the city’s rich heritage.


Discover Zagreb's Vibrant Soul

At Canopy Hotel, guests immerse themselves in Zagreb’s rich industrial heritage and vibrant urban culture. The Canopy Central Bar offers a dynamic atmosphere to enjoy locally sourced coffee, craft beers, and signature cocktails. Adjacent, the ReUnion restaurant serves traditional Zagreb recipes with ingredients from Dolac market.

Throughout the hotel, captivating artwork and historical artifacts tell the story of Zagreb’s evolution, offering guests a memorable experience that blends past and present seamlessly.

Contemporary Comfort and Elegance

Canopy Hotel offers a unique gateway to Zagreb’s past and present. Our establishment proudly preserves the industrial legacy of this corner of Europe, seamlessly merging it with contemporary comforts and elegance. As custodians of the neighborhood’s rich history, we provide an immersive experience where local and global influences converge, inviting guests and Zagreb residents alike to embark on a journey through time.

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Hotel Canopy by Hilton, Zagreb

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