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Uncover a pine tree-lined paradise in Rabac.

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A Lap of Luxury on the Shores of Istria

Nestled within a fragrant pine forest that cascades into pristine white-pebble beaches, Girandella Valamar Collection Resort graces a picturesque bay adjacent to the charming town of Rabac. Offering a diverse range of accommodations, the resort caters to a variety of travellers, including families, couples and discerning guests seeking luxurious villa vacations.

Girandella Valamar Collection Resort impresses with its exquisite facilities set against the backdrop of the shimmering sea. A lavish experience awaits all, seamlessly blending natural beauty and refined comfort on the eastern shores of Istria.


Discover the Tranquil Charm of Rabac

Girandella Valamar Collection Resort sits near the quiet fishing village of Rabac. The town is revered for its pebbled beaches and turquoise waters that lure swimmers all summer long. The quaint old centre offers a glimpse into the town history, showcasing narrow stone streets and houses painted in a palette of vibrant colours.


Modern Comforts Wrapped in Mediterranean Ambience

An ideal romantic getaway, a fun-filled weekend with friends, adults-only accommodations or a plush getaway with the family, Girandella Valamar Collection Resort caters to any holiday mood. The contemporary decor follows from the common areas to the accommodations, featuring a neutral theme that enhances the vivid outdoor scenery. From stylish rooms to spacious suites tucked into the pines, the Adriatic is always in view. Girandella villas showcase luxury quarters just footsteps from the sea.


An Unforgettable Escape into Holiday Bliss

Girandella Valamar Collection Resort’s facilities cater to all ages, ensuring a touch of elegance at every turn. Families will delight in the thrilling wonders of Maro World, while couples can indulge in breakfast and brunch paired with champagne. Just steps away from your accommodation, breathtaking shores are dotted with themed beaches.

Swimming pools invite all ages for a refreshing swim and delectable restaurants and bars satisfy every taste, setting the stage for entertainment that extends into the evening. The Rabac waterfront promenade is perfect for long strolls set to panoramic Adriatic vistas. Adventurers can hike the scenic trails of the nearby Učka Nature Park.

Uncover a Pine Tree-Lined Paradise in Rabac

Nestled in a fragrant pine forest cascading into pristine white-pebble beaches, Girandella Valamar Collection Resort sits in a picturesque bay near charming Rabac. Catering to families, couples, and luxury-seekers, the resort blends natural beauty with refined comfort. Guests enjoy stylish rooms, spacious suites, and luxurious villas, all with stunning Adriatic views. Amenities include Maro World for kids, champagne brunches, themed beaches, swimming pools, and exquisite dining. Explore Rabac’s scenic promenade or hike Učka Nature Park for an unforgettable holiday.

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Girandella Valamar Collection Resort

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