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Where every moment is tailored to offer a memorable experience of luxury and relaxation

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Seaside Splendor Beckons

Welcome to Amadria Park Hotel Jure in Šibenik, where modern sophistication meets coastal charm. From its pristine poolside to its glamorous champagne bar, the fresh, aspirational Jure is brimming with stories and always camera-ready. A natural beauty, this hotel entwines seamlessly with the surrounding landscape – channelling sunlight and fresh sea air through its airy public spaces. 

Birch and stone decorate the spa, clouds scatter the ceilings and outside, arches frame the landscape. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or quality time with loved ones, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of exceptional.


Embrace relaxation and coastal charm

Amadria Park Hotel Jure in Šibenik enjoys a picturesque location along the mesmerizing Adriatic coast of Croatia. Situated within the renowned Amadria Park hotel complex, our hotel offers guests easy access to pristine beaches and stunning Mediterranean landscapes. Just a short distance from Šibenik’s historic city center, guests can explore cultural landmarks such as St. James Cathedral and the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Additionally, nearby attractions like Krka National Park provide opportunities for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach or exploration of historic sites, our hotel’s scenic location offers the perfect blend of serenity and convenience.


Luxurious tranquility awaits

Experience a harmonious blend of modern elegance and coastal tranquility at Amadria Park Hotel Jure in Šibenik. From the moment you step into our inviting lobby, you’re enveloped in a sense of warmth and relaxation. The contemporary decor, soothing color palette, and panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea create a serene atmosphere throughout the hotel. Whether you’re lounging by the pool surrounded by lush gardens or savoring delicious cuisine at our restaurants, every corner of Hotel Jure exudes a feeling of comfort and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the coastal ambiance and let Amadria Park Hotel Jure be your sanctuary of relaxation and luxury.


Tailored to exquisite experiences

At Amadria Park Hotel Jure in Šibenik, every moment is tailored to offer a memorable experience of luxury and relaxation. From the warm welcome upon arrival to the attentive service throughout your stay, our dedicated staff ensures your comfort and satisfaction. Indulge in world-class amenities including rejuvenating spa treatments, exquisite dining experiences, and exciting recreational activities. 

Lounge by the pool with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, or explore the nearby attractions such as Krka National Park. Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, Hotel Jure provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories and experiencing the epitome of coastal elegance.

Unveil Timeless Elegance at Hotel Jure

Discover coastal sophistication at Amadria Park Hotel Jure in Šibenik. From chic poolside lounging to glamorous champagne nights, every detail is crafted for your comfort and style. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, where every moment is tailored to exceed expectations.

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Amadria Park - Hotel Jure, Šibenik

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