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Beauty unites contrasting worlds

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Timeless beauty lies in its contrasts

The Adriatic is one of the few places on earth where you can still experience the old Mediterranean, an era of old stone houses, palaces, and the summer estates of a long vanished elite, and most of all, a simpler way of living, from the sea by the sea.

But not all the Adriatic is eternally simple and ancient— there are places where its aged beauty is framed in a contrast with contemporary elegance. Design Hotel Navis is one such place.


Near beautiful Opatija

Hotel Navis is located in Preluk bay, near Opatija, at the very edge of Istria, where the peninsula meets the Croatian coast. The shape of the bay and a morning northerly wind makes it a paradise for windsurfers. In the middle of the last century, motorcycle races where frequently held nearby. Tall wooden ladders stretched out over the water, once serving as platforms where fishermen were on the lookout for schools of Adriatic tuna. Life here has always been inextricably linked to the sea. If you follow the curve of the land, to the furthest point of Preluk Bay, it will bring you right in front of the hotel’s entrance.


Tailor-made luxury

And the hotel has its own captain, as the surname of the owner is Kapetanović, who, since the hotel’s inception, has made sure every detail captures his vision and passion from the hotel’s reception to the menu selection. Hotel Navis is a modern, powerful building, designed by the great Croatian architect Idis Turato. Among the solid lines of reinforced concrete, large glass panes capture and reflect the color of the sea. From every room you can look out and see the islands of Krk, Cres, and Lošinj. The sea, at times mild and calm, and other times made wild and willful by the mighty southern wind, is a part of everything here.


Feel the depths of the Kvarner bay

This contrast can also be found in the well-respected Navis restaurant. The skilled chef uses the utmost precision to turn local and fresh ingredients into contemporary masterpieces of culinary art that delight even the greatest gourmands.

The restaurant received a Michelin recommendation for 2020. From that same year, a novelty in the offer was introduced - Japanese-Mediterranean fusion - "Fusion by Navis" sushi prepared from local premium ingredients processed with a unique Japanese food treatment technique.


Captain of your own world

Every visit to Navis hotel is a chance to experience the tradition of the Mediterranean and this region in a new, modern way. This oasis of contemporary art and design is only seven meters away from the sea.

The sharp lines of design, set in a subtle environment of green and blue, an international culinary experience that itself is dependent on the local fisherman’s morning catch, Hotel Navis is a chance to experience the beauty that unites contrasting worlds.


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    If you’d like to learn more about the hotel, visit Navis’s web page.