Hotel Life Palace, Šibenik

Life in the middle of the medieval Palace

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Unforgettable medieval experience

The foundations for many of the towns on the Adriatic coast were laid in antiquity. But as time passed and customs changed, modern cities, under the influence of the advanced ideas from Europe, began to appear on the coast in the Middle Ages.

The first of these was Šibenik, the first truly Croatian town whose unforgettable sights are today under the protection of UNESCO.


In the center of humanistic Mediterranean town

Under the rule of the Republic of Venice, Šibenik embraced the emerging humanistic and enlightened values stemming from Venice and experienced a cultural and economic growth.


Life in a medieval palace

Today, traces of the city’s golden age and the wealth of its patrician families have survived in the form of magnificent, gorgeous, stone palaces. In one such palace, the Draganić-Marenci Palace, is the Heritage Hotel Life Palace, a place of contemporary luxury and enjoyment set amid a thousand of years of history.


The flowing current of life

Life Palace still offers a luxurious experience worthy of its patrician past. It is still a palace in the true sense of the word and yours to explore. The open and spacious interior, though more than half a millennium old, is designed to contemporary standards of comfort and is still a worthy home.

Life Palace today offers a unique experience of enjoying its own history, like a preserved Romanesque entrance way, a Gothic gate with lunettes, and a baroque wrought-iron fence, along with stone bowls for food and water with the words "Amor di Cani" - love for dogs carved on them, and picturesque window niches that provide a view of the street and square that has endured for a thousand years.


Knighted by the noble aura

Experience history with a private view – the window of your room is open to all the colors and sounds of the picturesque Medulić Square, the red tile roofs of the medieval houses, luxurious palaces of the former elite and the azure Mediterranean sky.

Here one can still enjoy the lifestyle the Renaissance nobility once did. Life Palace Hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience of life in the middle of a medieval palace.


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