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The Meditarrenean spirit in modernist form

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The Meditarrenean spirit in modernist form

In many Mediterranean cities, time seems to flow more slowly. This is because the tradition of the public space and the routines surrounding it are respected, cherished, and preserved.

Split is at its core a true Mediterranean city, but its architecture has also been shaped by bold thinking about space. From the same root of fearless and progressive thought that created The modernist neighbourhood Split 3, only years later, Briig boutique hotel emerged.


The heart of Dalmatia

Split is a centuries-old city whose diverse architecture reflects different historical layers. The historical core of Split and its symbol - the Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Roman emperor - are on the World Heritage UNESCO list. Besides its stunning architectural scenery and rich cultural heritage, Split is famous for its numerous beaches with crystal clear sea, lively markets, nightclubs, as well as cultural manifestations like street festivals. To those eager to escape the hectic city life, Split offers a piece of wilderness - Marjan hill - a natural park covered in dense Mediterranean pines, a favorite hiking spot of the locals.


A different place, for different kind of visitors

Even though it’s located right next to one of the renowned beaches on the Adriatic, Bačvice, briig is not a typical beach hotel. Briig is a city hotel, one that reflects the rebellious spirit of Split. In the vision of its architects, briig is an homage to the daring architecture and avant-garde ideas of the 1970's Split. With its modernist design, Briig is at the same time a place that stands out but is still no stranger to its surroundings. Its geometric white exterior is bold and imposing, like a rising hill. As a matter of fact, its name derives from the Dalmatian word for hill – brig.


The synergy of art and comfort

The interior of Briig boutique hotel is just as impressive as its exterior. Scandivanian, Italian and other designer furniture adorns its space. Besides providing aesthetic pleasure, it produces ultimate comfort. Everything in Brrig is about beauty and comfort, especially comfort.

Even the dishes served by the hotel's restaurant Median are works of art per se. Made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients, they represent a modernist interpretation of tradition. On the hotel bar and the terrace, guests can enjoy the lavish sunset scene, soak up the scent of the Mediterranean herbs and listen to the sound of waves crashing.


A unique blend of tradition and avant-garde

Despite its unique, art-inspired design, briig is deeply rooted in the traditions of Split. It’s a place for those who want to experience the largest city on the Adriatic in a completely different way.


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