Bastion Hotel, Zadar

The ornament of Zadar.

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The ancient jewel of the Adriatic

The liveliest places are those subject to continuous change. In these places the ability of humankind to adapt to a volatile world and the strength of the human spirit in willing the world to adapt to us, both come clearly to the fore.

Zadar, the ancient jewel of the Adriatic, is one such place.


Near three national parks

The land around Zadar has been renowned for its beauty since ancient times, and today this natural beauty is protected. Nearby, there are no less than three national parks, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati. As people have lived here since the Stone Age, it is hard to imagine how much change has been wrought by the tidal waves of history. Due to its geographic position Zadar has always been a fortified city; however, today it is no longer a defensive town, but a place of enjoyment, rest and relaxation in the colors of the Mediterranean, a place full of decoration with a rich and lively past.


Nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage site

Zadar is one of those European historical cities whose identity is related to the UNESCO World Heritage. Its city walls were impenetrable and they were defending the city from conquerors for centuries, offering a secure shelter for its citizens. Today, the walls make for a beloved promenade for travellers from all over the world. There are many witnesses to the city’s transformation from a closed, defensive town into today’s open, southern metropolis. The mediaeval Bastion, a UNESCO World Heritage site, no longer serves a defensive function, it now acts as an ornament of Zadar, serving as a host to tourists from all over the world. The large Arsenal, a building once used as a warehouse for a naval fleet is now a popular, multipurpose cultural building. Gunpowder was once stored in the little Arsenal, it now houses a multimedia centre. However, this story is best told by Hotel Bastion.


Feel the rich history of Zadar

Situated in the preserved remains of a tower of the city’s defending walls, Hotel Bastion offers a luxurious experience in an environment filled with palpable history, change and contrast, with plenty of traditional flavors and skills to explore.

Zadar’s old recipes and excellent homemade food for every palate, accompanied by a selected choice of premium quality wines, await you in the Bastion’s Kaštel restaurant, located in the picturesque remains of a 13th-century fortress.

Trace back to the past

This harmony of contrasts, emerging from the city’s turbulent history, is what makes Zadar special. Every trace of the past, every story, and every scar in the stone are ornaments that speak to the richness of the experiences found here. And among all these numerous decorations, a special place has been preserved for Hotel Bastion, the ornament of Zadar.


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